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Bogota Solo (6 Days / 5 Nights)

  • 30 hours
  • 3,445.33 US dollars
  • Bogota

Service Description

Looking for a full experience? Don't miss any must-do's in this complete package of the capital of Colombia. A modern and very metropolitan city, Bogotá highlights both its past and present and proudly features soaring colonia and neo-gothic churches, a Bohemian arts scene, highend shopping to die for, and views from the cliffs above this city of over 7 ½ million people. From the moment you get picked up at the airport until the day you get dropped off for your flight back home, we will make sure you have a safe and fun LGBT+ traveling experience. This package covers culinary experiences where you will enjoy authentic Rolo dishes and learn why Colombia is known for its coffee in the world by venturing out on a coffee farm excursion. Aside from indulging your palate, you will experience history and culture like never before, exploring the historic side of the city and its art galleries in the day time, and enjoying its other side at night like another LGBT+ local. And to ensure you won't miss a thing, this package includes a little trip to the pinturesque town close to Bogota named Villa de Leyva. Here you will experience the rich cultural architecture of Colombian towns and spend a magical night outside the city. Get the full experience for your visit and plan ahead for a seamless vacation tailored for you with us. (Price of package for 2 travelers, please contact us for solo packages)

Contact Details

+1 (602) 399-7433

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