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Experience a natural high on your paragliding flight over Medellin and the surrounding region. You’ll have the best views of the valley and mountains below on your smooth, yet adrenaline-filled flight.

We’ll pick you up and take you to the launch point where you’ll strap yourself in with a certified pilot. Once your safety gear is secure, you and your pilot will start your flight by sprinting over nearby cliffs. 


Don’t worry, the wind will catch you and take you high into the sky. After about 20 minutes of flying, your pilot will take you to the landing zone and safely bring you back down to Earth.

Paragliding Adventure

  • This experience is only available as part of a complete tour package. Request it as an add-on to one of our pre-packaged tours.


    Or, we would be happy to provide you with a custom itinerary and quote.

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