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We’ll pick you up at your hotel and take you on fun and very slippery adventure outside of Cartagena. 


Close to the coast is a tiny town whose main attraction is…mud.  It’s wet, dark and you can float and slide on it. This is El Totumo, Colombia’s smallest volcano and it’s active.  But instead of lava and fire, its caldera is filled with…mud.   


And, yes, it’s touristy, but you’ll find us Colombians visiting, along with the rest of the world.  They say the mud has therapeutic benefits. We can’t vouch for that, but it is plain fun!

OUTdoor Adventure: Volcano Mud Experience

  • This experience is only available as part of a complete tour package. Request it as an add-on to one of our pre-packaged tours.


    Or, we would be happy to provide you with a custom itinerary and quote.

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