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Your guide will meet you at your hotel to take you on a remarkable experience just an hour away from Bogota.  The colonial town of Zipaquira is indeed beautiful, but its fame is not because of  its architecture. The main attraction here is El Catedral del Sal, the Salt Cathedral, some 600 feet below ground.   


There’s a hit of sulfur in the damp air as you make your way down to this most recent version of the cathedral, reconstructed after the 200-year-old mine closed in the 1950’s.  The somewhat eerie passageway glows with purplish-blue light and gradually widens to reveal statues of the Archangel Gabriel and representations of the Stations of the Cross, all hand-carved…from salt. 


Like most majestic cathedrals above ground, there are naves, a basilica dome, chandeliers and a floor-to-ceiling cross and statues here, but again, all hand-carved from salt. This is a sacred space and, depending on the day, sometimes crowded with the faithful, but this is as well a world-renowned engineering masterpiece, that the Colombian Congress declared as “the first wonder of Colombia.”  So yes, go ahead. We’ve got you covered. You can lick the walls. We promise we won’t tell.

OUTdoor Adventure: Salt Cathedral

  • This experience is only available as part of a complete tour package. Request it as an add-on to one of our pre-packaged tours.


    Or, we would be happy to provide you with a custom itinerary and quote.

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