Salento has a rich micro-climate perfect for cultivating Colombia’s best coffee strains.  Surrounded by lush forests, the region’s premier coffee farm opens its doors to curious coffee lovers.  Those who want to appreciate the complexities of harvesting the finest product to make the richest brew will love this tour. Your driver will pick you up at your hotel and take you on this interactive experience.


This farm looks traditional and picturesque, but its methods are completely modern. All those lush shade trees on the farm are key: shade-grown coffee slows to ripening, enabling more production of sugars. This yields a coffee with more complex flavors and more body. This method is highly sustainable, benefitting the environment and the local economy.  


Coffee here undergoes different processing methods which enables the production of 10 different versions of Salento coffee. You’ll be able to watch, interact, participate and, of course, taste.   In addition to seeing the entire process and walking through the plantation, depending on the season, you’ll be able to plant coffee seedlings, or select cherries for ripeness.


More Coffee Please? Ask us about the Premium Tour, including the beehives and natural springs, and a workshop in their Coffee Labs with additional cuppings and demonstrations of enabling all your senses to discern the nuances of taste, feel and aroma.  

OUTdoor Adventure: Coffee Farm Excursion

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