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We’ll pick you up at your hotel and you’ll head toward the original capital of Antioquia, the quaint and beautifully preserved colonial village of Santa Fe de Antioquia. Known today for its tamarind and chocolate farms, this popular weekend spot for Colombians is also full of rich but often dark history from its early days. 


Located about 1½ hours by car from Medellin, you’ll explore the cobblestone streets of this pueblo with your guide. Learn about Colombia’s gold and slave trades in the early days and see the history of this pueblo unfold over 500 years through its architecture from the colonial through to the revolutionary era. The town is configured around several plazas with churches, each differing greatly in architecture. Enjoy stories about the creation of each plaza and explore its streets and passageways, roaming in and out of museums and well-preserved homes dating back hundreds of years. Then duck into Hotel Mariscal Robledo, the most famous hotel in Antioquia, that has hosted guests, including celebrities and dignitaries from all over the world. 


You won’t want to leave, but before you return to Medellin, head to South America’s very first suspension bridge El Puente de Occidente designed by a Colombian architect who also worked on the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge! You can cross the bridge by foot or by car to marvel at its construction, still standing today, amidst a hilarious story of nearly never getting built.

Medellin Cultural OUTing: Santa Fe de Antioquia

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