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We’re a bit biased, but Colombia is a very special place. We’ve got 300 beaches, more than 10% of our terrain is National Parks, and it’s the second most bio-diverse country on our planet (watch out, Brazil!). Colombia also boasts the largest variety of bird life in the entire world, and it’s all on display for you here at our National Aviary. Located on Isla Barú, 50 minutes outside of central Cartagena, this over 17-acre facility is home to more than 2000 birds of 190 species.


We’ll pick you up from your hotel in private transportation to Baru to visit the Aviary. Along this 2-hour tour encompassing 3 eco-systems, you can view our national bird, the very badass Andean condor. Be dazzled by our flashier avian stars: the multi-colored scarlet macaws, the vibrant green jays, and the smaller, but no less showy, blue-winged mountain tanager. The must-see here is everyone’s retro favorite, the flamingo flock, busily chowing down on shrimps to help their feathers achieve and maintain that rosy shade of wonderful. But the Aviary isn’t all for the birds; this ecological paradise serves an important role in education and conservation of many of the country’s flora and fauna in danger of extinction. Think you’ll feel puckish while you’re here?


Ask us about including a lunch on this excursion.

Cartagena OUTdoor Adventure: National Aviary Experience

  • This experience is only available as part of a complete tour package.


    You can book this experience online now with one of our Cartagena Packages.


    Or, we would be happy to provide you with a custom itinerary and quote.

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