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Meet your guide in the hotel lobby and gear up to experience a bike tour like no other. 


Bogotá is one of South America’s most bikeable cities; with more than 220 miles of bike paths, you’d be hard-pressed to find a competitor. Bogotá has promoted cycling as an alternate mode of transportation for decades. The city invented the concept of ciclovia (cycle way) in the 1970’s. On Sunday's mornings, cars are banned from city roads as two million city residents take to the streets to cycle, jog or roller blade. With other Car-Free Days and December Night Ciclovia, Bogotá has become an inspiration of sustainable mobility, copied by cities across the world. 


This is a very active and unique way to experience the architecture, street art, neighborhoods, parks and plazas of Colombia’s capital. This bike tour is fully customizable and can be adjusted according to your interests so you can experience the sights, noises, smells, colors, and rhythms that make Bogotá such a vibrant, exciting city.

Bogotá OUTdoor Adventure: Urban Bike Tour

  • This experience is only available as part of a complete tour package.


    You can book this experience online now with our 7 Day Bogota & Medellin Package.


    Or, we would be happy to provide you with a custom itinerary and quote.

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