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Villa de Leyva is, without a doubt, a wondrous place. Its exceptional beauty makes it a magical getaway from busy Bogotá. Your guide will meet you at your hotel and, in 3 hours, transport you to a tiny town whose architecture, kind & welcoming residents, and diverse attractions will make for an unforgettable tour. 


There are a myriad of activities to explore here: exceptional artisan handcrafts to buy, local wineries to visit and sample, museum to discover and natural sites to explore and marvel at their views. Some highlights you’ll want to include are the brilliant Pozos Azules (Blue Wells) in the nearby desert, the mysterious El Infiernito astro-archaeological site of the ancient Muisca peoples, the fascinating Fossil & Paleontological Museums, and the sacred 17th century Monasterio del Ecce Homo. 


Whichever sites you choose for this your journey, this charmingly-preserved colonial town with a variety of restaurants to explore typical Colombian gastronomy will leave a beautiful, lasting impression. This is a fully customizable tour. Ask us about our Day Tour Option.

Bogotá Get OUTside: Villa de Leyva Cultural Experience

  • This experience is only available as part of a complete tour package.


    You can book this experience online now with our 6 Day Bogota Package.


    Or, we would be happy to provide you with a custom itinerary and quote.

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