Meet your guide in the lobby of your hotel and enjoy a fascinating tour of some of the finest galleries and contemporary art museums Bogotá has to offer. See why Colombia’s largest city is one of Latin America’s premier capitals of art and culture. You’ll be visiting the principal contemporary art galleries here, in addition to institutions like the Bank of the Republic Art Collection and Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá (MAMBO). 


The broad panorama of Colombian artists highlighted will give you a comprehensive aesthetic impression of art here, from the precursors of our visual artists, such as Alejandro Obregon, Luis Caballero, Enrique Grau Ramirez Villamizar and Edgar Negret, to Colombia’s most famous artist, Fernando Botero who, rightly, has his own museum here in Bogotá. 


Enjoy being guided by experts in art who will show you the best national and LatinAmerican works, as well as some unique pieces by international artists. Your guide can also assist you should you be interested in purchasing a piece to add to your collection, or just to keep as a memento of your time here in Colombia. This is a fully customizable tour we can adjust according to your interests.

Bogotá Community OUTing: Art Gallery Experience

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